Sogon Kim

Born and raised in South Korea, I found a special interest in glass while studying metal, ceramics, glass and industrial design at the Hongik University in Seoul for BFA. Having a sincere interest in glass, I started to attend as many glass festivals and exhibitions as I could. Meeting various glass artists from all over the world inspired me to study abroad. I am doing my MA at the Royal College of Art in London to work more with glass and deepen my knowledge of art.

One of the main features that I have in my work is focusing on the interaction between metal oxides and glass. It was inspired by the fact that tin and glass have a close relationship in history. Molten tin was made to produce flat glass, and tin oxide was added to glass to colour it white and add opacity. Not only tin, but other metal oxides are used in the colouring of glass. These facts inspired me to investigate novel effects of combining metal oxides and glass. My works focus on capturing the moments of colouring glass, along with exploring its various optical qualities. Unlike the traditional way to colour glass, which is putting metal oxides in the batch, the way I applies oxides to hot glass creates patterns and textures on the glass. I am interested in delicate traces with subtle qualities rather than obvious colour.

The moment of formation and colouring fascinates me. Focusing on energies acting upon materials provides a spontaneous working method and creative mindset. An exploration into the phenomena of material allowed material itself to create its own narrative. This opens diverse interpretations from viewers and evokes their curiosity.