The Washington family has long championed the work of artists. William Washington, born in 1885, was an educator and acclaimed engraver. Today his work is displayed in many prominent locations such as The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, the National Portrait Gallery, London, and the Government Art Collection, London.

 His son, Bob, formally known as R.J.Washington, was a highly regarded ceramist. Pieces of his student works, and later work presently reside in room 142 and the archives of the Victoria and Albert museum, alongside William-Staite Murray. Work also features in every major British Public Collection.

In 2007 The Washington Foundation UK was established with the aim of supporting, emerging Royal College of Art graduates to develop their skills.

The Washington Foundation UK has been established to support and promote Royal College of Art graduates, to facilitate fine art education, and as a place for people to learn more about the work of William and R.J.Washington.

In 2015 the Foundation premiered the docu-film ‘Out of the Tub‘.

In their lifetimes William and Bob, who were both students at the RCA, championed individuals, and establishments. Giving guidance and nurturing burgeoning talent, the Foundation will continue this important work.

R.J.Washington ARCA; FSAE; ATD.

William Washington

William Washington RBA; ARCA; MAFA; ARE.

In beginning again it was impossible for me to free myself entirely from the past,

the anarchy was too great,

so I decided to retain one lifeline:

the Vessel.

Early Pots

R.J. Washington Platters


R.J.Washington late bowls

Late bowls

Bob Washington Ceramics.

Sculptural Vessels