Caroline Chouler-Tissier

Caroline Chouler-Tissier is a ceramic artist based in London. She established her studio in 2004 and is currently studying at The Royal College of Art. Caroline uses clay as an exploration of identity and makes a combination of small and large-scale, thrown and hand-built pieces with a specific focus on abstract and emotional mark making. Her fascination with contemporary life cycles and the exploration of grief has inspired her most recent body of work, ‘Genetic Inheritance’ where the circle has emerged as an important symbol. She works with porcelain and bone china.

The landscape and folklore of Derbyshire has been a continuing inspiration for me; themes of people’s history and landscape are echoed in my recent work alongside a more self- reflective process.

Since starting at the RCA in September 2020, due to Covid restrictions my workspace has been confined to my desk in University Halls. From here I have explored collections from around the world, discovered an original way to manipulate a new material and met an incredible group of fellow students who have inspired and supported each other through some of the most bizarre and challenging situations.

Caroline is continuing to expand her research in this field of study.