Out of the Tub

This thirty-two-minute film gives a rare insight into R. J. Washington’s working techniques and includes archive footage as well as interviews with Alun Graves (see photo), Martin Smith (Royal College of Art) and David Whiting (writer and critic).

 There’s also an interview with contemporary ceramist Emily Gardiner. Like R.J Washington, she too is an RCA graduate, and was able to explain the College’s distinct approach to ceramics.

“He represented part of a very exciting and new generation of artists…” – Alun Graves, Curator of

Ceramics and Glass, V & A Museum

Featuring rare, archive footage and exclusive material filmed inside his studio, this film gives a genuine insight into the work of this trailblazing ceramist.

‘We wanted to make a docu-film which would explore R. J Washington’s life and work and illuminate the ceramic world, as it was and as it is now.

 So much has changed since Bob threw his first pots. His journey was unique; he walked a narrow path line between art and craft – two worlds he aspired to unite through his ideas.

 During his lifetime, craft galleries considered his work to be Fine Art. Whilst Fine Art galleries considered his work to be craft. It seemed difficult to imagine now how challenging his work was to curators, dealers and the wider ceramic community.’

Filmmaker, Clive A Martin.