William Washington RBA; ARCA; MAFA; ARE.

Master Engraver

William Washington RBA, ARCA, MAFA, ARE, was a Master Engraver, Painter, Silversmith and Calligrapher and teacher at (successively) Southend-on Sea and Camberwell Schools of Art, and Hammersmith School Building, Art and Crafts, where he ended as Head of School of Art (1930-1950) and Acting Principal.

To date, little is known of William. However, we can find tantalising clues amongst the many masterful works he created, not least information about the people he met and places he visited.

Work has now begun to piece together his life’s story. If you have news or information about William Washington, the Foundation would love to hear from you.

Details from ‘Saint Nicholas, La Rochelle’ (below) and ‘Albert Newton’ (right)

 In 1926/27, William Washington, at that time Senior Warden of the Crystal Palace Lodge, was commissioned to design a Lodge Banner.

 Although Crystal Palace Lodge meet in central London, it was founded at Crystal Palace, Sydenham in 1858. Crystal Palace and Masonic Symbols are key features of William’s design.

 The banner itself has an interesting history. Destroyed on the night of 16/17th April 1941 by enemy action, it was carefully reproduced and dedicated in 1987 during a special ceremony.

 William himself would later become a Worshipful Master, the highest honour. Seeing the banner and meeting members of the Crystal Palace Lodge, has the given the Washington Foundation a fascinating insight into William’s position and purpose within the Freemason.

This summer, the work of William Washington joined the ranks of other great British Artists at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The Rt Hon Sir Dinshah Farundji Mulla’ (1936)

The artwork is a newly discovered masterpiece. It demonstrates the work of master engraver W. Washington at the zenith of his creativity.