Ellie Doney

Bursary Winner 2010

Applied Dreaming

This is a vision of the undercurrents of matter, the sensuality that is implicit in raw materials. Through ideas of becoming or changing states, liquidity and solidity, I am looking for a way to materialise our nature – our own physicality, our consciousness, internal forces, fears and desires.

I am an artist, hands-on research facilitator, and materials enthusiast.

Through a practice of making, cooking, and eating with people, often in community or learning environments, I make sensory investigations into human-material ecologies, to encourage and explore embodied knowledge about materials and our changing relationships.

My work observes and imagines the changing internal and external forms and properties of matter, and the relationships we have with materials, mediated by our senses.

Whether ephemeral, industrial or domestic, the stuff I work with is often gleaned from my surroundings, and specific to a particular place. I set out to look for magic in materials, the extraordinary in the fabric of every day.

Working with food is a way to shape-shift and explore materials in flux. By experiments in cooking and eating together across disciplines, I want to travel the porous borders of material bodies in our environment, and their interrelated physical and emotional properties.

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I am currently a PhD student at the Slade School of Fine Art and Institute of Making, UCL with a project titled: The Ouroboros Sausage: Food & Transformation.