Clara Louise Bloch Jensen

Bursary Awardee 2021

I consider myself an explorer on a scientific field trip searching for the essence.

Like an archaeologist digging for traces, collecting objects, fragments and analysing them.

I feel a connection between the object and me.

A participation in the same story, touching historical time, feeling it flow through the object directly into my body. The fragments suggest something, a distinct aura of previous life, of voices, of death.

My artistic practice takes its beginning right there. Communicating, Connecting, Sensing the material, with my brain, my hands and body.

I am capturing shadows and ghosts on the edge of my consciousness giving them physical form.

I was born in the deepest winter, north of the polar circle between snow, ice, and darkness. Along snow covered coastlines right on the edge of the Arctic sea. Out of this environment I get my creative energy on the border between the real and the unreal.