Alicja Patanowska

Bursary Winner 2015


The PLANTATION was established because of the need to find a remarkable, almost symbolic use for what has been abandoned. The result is a porcelain object that rests in a common glass, and which allows the observation of the growing process of plants, both its stem as well as its root.

An investigation into the recycled function for the glass was inspired by debris found on London’s streets. The nightlife of the city leaves behind many traces – among them abandoned glasses in the most unexpected places. In examining this phenomenon, the artist spent over a month in the early morning, between 4am and 6am, searching the streets and collecting glasses from bus stops, benches, curbs, alleys, gates and even shopping carts.

Subsequently the many shapes of these discarded items have led to an assortment of handmade parts that can be inserted into a variety of glass vessels sizes. These unique porcelain components are suitable for growing plants and when turned upside down it can be used as a mini greenhouse, ideal during seed germination.

This product allows the consumer the opportunity to reinvent the function of an ordinary glass vessel and give it a new context and purpose. Look for the many possibilities that surround you to create your own home breeding plantation!

Mushroom LAB is not only a beautiful object for interiors, but it also has a function – to grow mushroom under the glass dome in the domestic setup.

The opaque glass of this unusual greenhouse allows only some light through, and the ceramic base keeps the moisture in, which makes ideal environment for growing mushrooms. Inspired by morning mist in the forest, this object hides its function by distorting the shadows of mushroom.

What would taste better than mushrooms grown in a mysterious domestic plantation?